As soon as it’s summer, black often needs to make place for light and bright shades. There’s no need to lock up all of your black clothes in the back of your closet, though! With these tips & tricks even, the darkest shade can look (and feel!) super summery.

It starts with choosing the right fabric

If you’re wearing the wrong materials in summer, it doesn’t really matter what colour your outfit has, because you will at some point feel uncomfortable (read: sweaty and sticky) anyway. So, it’s essential to pick the right fabrics. Go for cotton or other natural fibres like silk or linen rather than anything synthetic. You can read more about this and why it works online.

Loose fitted

Give your body some room to breathe by wearing something that isn’t directly sticks to your skin, especially when you’re wearing black. Go for an A-line skirt for example, or an oversized tank top (looks so cool matched with a pair of vintage high-waist shorts!)

A subtle stripe to make it less concrete

If you still feel like all black is too heavy on a summer day, add a subtle stripe. Stripes have a natural effect of looking breezy and cool. Mix it up with some stylish accessories as well. Hats and sunglasses are the best. My personal favs are my Vilebrequin straw hat and my Cutler and Gross sunglasses.

Cut-out for a breezy effect

Speaking of breezy: nothing like a couple of strategically placed cut outs for ventilation. Opt for a chic laser cut or add a hint of lace for a dramatic/romantic touch.

Do you wear black in summer? If so, how?