Vanilla visa gift card – One card with a million options

With the vanilla visa gift cards, you can enjoy a gift of possibilities and you can avoid the usual gifting dilemma. You can actually use the vanilla visa gift cards anywhere in US, where the Visa cards are accepted. This card is widely accepted in all the retail stores, mail orders, and at the online stores as well. But you must vanilla gift balance before you start your shopping and shop accordingly. Just by alone swiping the card, the shopping can be done within a fraction of second, and this card does not accompany any PIN.

What are the features of a vanilla visa gift card?

  • You can always enjoy at your leisure, and the funds never expire in this vanilla visa gift card. 
  • The vanilla visa gift card is obviously a great gifting option when you have a gifting dilemma. This could be a convenient gifting method, which is a safer one too. 
  • This card does not require any personal information or the credit check.
  • This card has no activation period, so you can actually use it whenever it is needed. 
  • No extra fee is charged when you make a purchase with this card, and so you can spend your money on what actually counts. 
  • The vanilla visa gift cards can be internationally used where the Visa cards are accepted. 
  • You can just present your card to the cashier at the time of purchase. (Always keep in mind to check your vanilla visa gift card balance before you do shopping)

How do you check your vanilla visa gift card balance?

You must always remember to vanilla gift balance before spending your money at the stores. With this prepaid gift card, the transaction can be done in a fraction of second, and this process requires no PIN to be entered. If you try to purchase anything that has a value above the balance of your gift card, then your card will be declined at the moment. You can always check the balance of your gift card for free by getting help from the customer care service or from online by the website that has been provided to you. You can use this card service only till the funds are available in the card, which means this card is neither reloadable nor refundable, and also the funds could not be transferred to another prepaid card.